Thursday, July 3, 2014

Adventures: Mother Neff

Earlier this spring, Kahler planned us a little woodland getaway.  
(Funny side note: His female co-workers questioned his idea of "romance" when he told them that he was taking me away to sleep in a tent, on the groung... they obviously don't know me too well.) 

We love the unknown.  This most recent move brought us to a new area of Texas, leaving lots to explore.  We spent the weekend at Mother Neff State Park, less than an hour from Waco.

We spent the weekend out of cell phone range, with nothing but the pup and each other.  (The pup, despite looking terrified in this picture, LOVED it.)

We stayed up late by the campfire, dreaming, scheming, and reminiscing.   Where we've been, where we're going.

Mother Neff is a great park for camping in the late fall/early spring.  Lots of trails for hiking and exploring, but nowhere to go swimming if that's what you're looking for.  (And in February, we weren't!)

Love this pup.
Love the outside
Love adventuring with my boy.
{Joy, joy, joy is what you see right here, kids.}


  1. Looks like complete heaven for sure.

  2. Ok now I'm blog stalking you after our comments on Julie's IG pic... Yay for camping! We use to live in Waco. For 10+ years until my husbands job took us to west Texas just earlier this month.


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