Monday, January 6, 2014

January 2014 goals

2014... holymoly, how did that happen?

Kahler and I set some "resolutions" for the year (I'll share those later), but some of them are broad and I honestly know those are the ones that fizzle out.  So, personally I'm going to work on setting more specific goals here on a monthly basis.  (Thanks, Ashley for this idea!)

So, January...

*Take down Christmas- So I started with an easy one, I BETTER be able to cross this one off by the end of the month!

*No sodas- Shouldn't be hard because I've mostly cut them out, but I still splurge from time to time.

*Start going to church again regularly- After the past year of moving and church shopping and then a busy holiday season, church became lower and lower on the priority list.  That needs to change.

*Re-claim the office- It's currently the graveyard of unfinished projects.  If I'm going to finish it, I need to finish it.  If not, I need to find it a new home.

*Be intentional- Make the phone call, send the letter, heck, even send the text.

*Use my camera more- If I take one picture with my camera, that will be more than last month.  These days, it's alllll on the iPhone.

*Work out 6 days/week- The hubs and I are starting p90x3 next week... wish me luck.

*Meal plan weekly- I do this pretty well, but need to be more intentional with it

*Walk Sam at least once daily, twice is better- We're learning that she can be a little brat (ie- digging out of the yard) if she doesn't spend a little energy in the morning.

*Start a new job- HEYO!  Shouldn't be hard b/c I accepted it last week.  Start date: Jan. 27.  WHOOP!


  1. Eak! I am so excited about your new job and expect to hear about it soon. AND cell phone cameras are just so much easier than our big cameras but when I look at the quality I'm always mad I didn't use my big camera. haha You can do all of these things and more friend! YAY for January and specific lists! Have a great rest of your week.

  2. These are awesome goals for the month!!! :-)


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