Monday, July 26, 2010

less than 24 hours!

I just wanted to check in from America one last time and thank you all for your prayers this summer as we have prepared for our move. We are super excited (and filled with so many other emotions) right now!!

We go to the airport in College Station tomorrow around 4:00 and our plane leaves at 6pm. From there, we will fly to Dallas, then to London, then to Johannesburg, and then to Lusaka. (Yes, that's 4 flights.) We will arrive in Lusaka on Thursday around 1pm (Zambian time). Zambia is 7 hours ahead of us in the US, so yall will just be waking up (around 6 am) when we land.
We hope to update during our layovers along the way. If you want to be included on our email list, let me know at Either way, look for an update that we have arrived safely sometime on Thursday.

Here are some specific ways you can be praying for us over the next three days:
-Pray that we would keep a Christ-like attitude as we travel. Traveling internationally can be stressful and tends to bring out the worst in people. We should be lights for Him wherever we go, including all the stops it takes to get there. :)

-Pray for my back and our physical comfort/safety. They sure didn't design those seats for comfort. If you've ever flown anywhere, you know exactly how to pray.

-Pray that our trip goes smoothly. With 4 flights and 3 layovers, there is a lot that can go wrong. Pray our flights are on time and our bags make it to Lusaka when we do!

-Pray that we would quickly adjust to Zambian life (and Zambian time)! After almost 48 hours of travel, we'll be BEAT! Pray that we get good rest and are able to fight jet lag in the first few days.

We love you guys and cannot wait to update you from AFRICA!!


  1. WHAT? you are leaving???? since when??


    love you. love you so much. i love what our friendship has been and become. i am SO SO glad we've nailed the blogging thing before you left so it will be SUPER easy to keep up and stay in touch when you are there. here is what will happen in the next year:
    -you will become a phenom. photographer
    -you and kahler will adopt about 17 black babies and bring them home
    -you will totally miss hobby lobby
    -your back will become super strong and immune to any uncomfortableness
    -you will be obsessed with all things African and we will have to con you into coming back to the states. oh, and we will.
    -you will make people who want to go to africa totally jealous
    -kahler's beard will become unruly
    -you will become an african fashionista.
    -you will make crafts alongside the zambians. they make make tulle flowers.
    -your family and friends will cry themselves to sleep every night missing ya'll so much. every night, you hear?
    -oh, and something about you becoming super close to Jesus and strengthening your marriage and growing as a person... yeah, all that stuff is a given.

    okay have fun! and don't miss me and our forest glen memories too much! :)


  2. I'm SO happy for y'all and only about 104% jealous.
    Praying for you --that God will keep connecting dots, expand your dreams and use you to glorify His name.
    Keep us posted!

  3. I found you through "We are THAT family". You two remind me a lot of my husband & I when we first got married, and I've loved reading each & every post so far! I'll definitely be keeping you in my prayers as you embsrk on this great journey! Be honest....there's a very BIG possibility that my family could end up serving in Africa someday!

  4. I'm praying for you. I saw your comment at The Run A Muck and then, Kristen linked to you today. I prayed for you this morning and I will continue to pray.


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